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November 6th -29th, 2014
Reception: Thursday November 6th, 7-10pm

In the spirit of democratic and accessible art-making and experience, Graven Feather Studio & Gallery will be hosting the work of more than 150 artists through the month of November. In the 2nd annual exhibition of IN THE ROUND, artists will be showcasing multiple pieces of art on small 5 inch birch disks provided for this fun and innovative group show. Come and see this beautiful collection of small rounds!

Responding to a country-wide call-out, each artist was given carte blanche on 3 small disks, with the only caveat being that they respect the dimensions of the circle. Un-juried and without limits on materials or theme--the result is an extensive constellation of varied and exquisitely produced circular art.

Please scroll down to see the Artist List .

ARTIST LIST & ONLINE GALLERY *click on images to go through slide shows*

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A.V. Patricia Marie Ireland
Adam Devenish
Adi Segal
Aida Maz
Alana McLeod
Alessandra Bragagnini
Alexa Policicchio
Andrea Zadro
Annie Idris
Angelina Aristodemo, Michael Francis
Anna Foran
Anna Gaby-Trotz
Annette Lloyd Thomas
Ann-Marie Cheung
Anthony Ficaro, Psychelation
Anthony Saturno
Ashley Thomas
Aurelie Lacouchie

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Bear Creek Secondary School
Beckie Chan
Belinda Griffiths
Beth Stewart
Brittany Brooks
Candace Bell Mad Rabbit Art
Candice Craig
Carlina Chen
Carolyn Flood
Casey Von Esteban, Von Estban
Casey Watson
Cat Bluemke
Cathryn Moffet
Cecile O'Neill
Chelsea Brant
Chris Ahlers
Christie Rodenburg
Christina Wozniac

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Christine Urias
Cliff Seto
Corinne Parzanese
Crystal Lee
Dana Newman
Dana Peebles
Daniel Braverman
Daniel Deus
Daniel Gold
Danielle Cole
David Abraham
David Fradkin
Debbie Woo
Deborah Morriss
Deion Green
Diana Erb
Diana Raponi, D.R & Co.
Doris Purchase

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Dylan Thomas Farrell
Ecaterina Camer
Eileen Koyama
Elizabeth Phillips, Liz Phillips
Elizabeth Videka-Beaulieu
Emilia Filicetti Videka
Erika Schulz, Tempest Studios
Erin Candela
Evangelina Dold
Evelyn Chin
Expressive Arts Group
Gabrielle Trach
Gervanne Night
Gina Harris
Girls Art League
Gustavo Aguierre
Guy Parrotta
Hannah Moffit

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Heather Phillips
Hyedie Hashimoto
Inna Kalirovskaia
Isabella Valeria Bontorin
Jahnine Farquarson
Japneet Kaur Story of a Seed
Jessica Malone
Jessica Massard
Joanne Wadden
Josh Peressotti
Kate Duncan
Katarina Kaneff
Katerina Pravdivaia
Kellen Spencer
Khadija Aziz
Laura Clayton
Lesley Savoie

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Leslie Kestin
Letitia Shaffaf
l.t. dougherty
Madelaine Lyons Cooper
Marianne Gibson
Marja McKay
Martina Edmondson
Matthew Rooney
Maxi-Ann Smith
Melissa Armstrong
Melissa Goldstein
Meral Per Dabancali
Meredith Blackmore
Michelle Benge
Morgan Skinner
Myles Calvert, Squirrel Pigeon Fish

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Nao Uda
Nadia Gurkova
Natalie Lochwin
Nicole Little
Noel Evan Bradley
Olivia Brouwer
Pam Lobb
Pam McBurney
Paula Grgurich Shewchuk
Paula Mould
Puck Janes
Rachel Bradbury
Raven Kroon
Rick Franken
Ricky Rosenbaum
River Roy
Sabina Zych

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Sandra Gonzalez
Sandra M. Civitarese
Sara Monfredi
Sara Norquay
Sarah Caufield
Sarah Cordeaux
Sarah Gaby-Trotz
Saskia Van Kampen
Sevdiye Kadioglu
Shari Kasman
Simone Collins Stray and Linger
Sonya Young
Sophia Lada
Stephanie Payne
Tatjana Blinja
Terri Frew

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Toko Hosoya
Vanessa Pesch
Victoria Day
Victoria Vaitekunas
Ya Wen Chien